Don’t bet with international bookies when there’s a homegrown hero available

So you wanna learn a bit about us? 

Well, we believe betting should be two things: fun and easy. 

That’s why we launched PlayUp in October 2019. The only 100% Aussie-owned Betting App approved by our fair country’s leading Sporting Institutions and already trusted by over 300,000 legends. Trusted because we care about our customers and we make having fun easy. 

PlayUp is the betting app that: 

  • cut the crap and stripped itself of confusing lingo 
  • comes with a dedicated customer service team based right here in Australia, and
  • makes sure your betting experience is as easy and fun as possible

The name PlayUp isn’t a wild stab in the dark either. We’re all about having fun, celebrating wins and high fives all round. We encourage you to do the same. 

Simply, PlayUp is the #1 Betting App that makes having fun easy. 

But how, you ask? 

Y’see, most Betting Apps are confusing the crap out of their customers, turning what should be a bit of fun into an overwhelming process full of complex app options and unnecessary lingo. Yawn. You want to bet, not read a dictionary. 

Betting doesn’t need to be complex. You don’t need to have a degree in statistics (kudos if you do though, that’s some effort). You deserve to have some fun wherever you are – down the pub, at the game, in the bath… 

Anyway, enough about what we think. This is how you can make having fun easy. 

Bet with ease 

The PlayUp app is modified to make your betting experience as easy and fun to use as possible, whether you’re on your laptop or your phone, at home or on the go. You should never feel confused about what you’re doing, so if there’s any ways we can improve your experience, we’d love to hear them. 

If for whatever reason you need to speak to us, come on Live Chat, call 1800 PLAYUP (1800 752 987) or email Our dedicated customer service team are based right here in Australia and are on call to help you get the best betting experience, night or day.

Bet with confidence 

You should always feel confident you know what you’re doing with your money. So we cut the crap and, where possible, avoid using exclusive betting lingo. But if we do, you can guarantee we’ll explain them first. 

It’s easy to make a bet with PlayUp, but true confidence comes with knowledge. Use our PlayBook 24/7 for the lowdown on AFL, NRL, Horse Racing and Fantasy Sports. It’s full of bitesize tips, tricks and insider info you can read anywhere, whether you’re down the pub or having a foot rub (keep dreaming mate). Just another way to make having fun easy.

So, there you have it. Make having fun easy with PlayUp! 

To create an account and get started, click here. 

To contact us, click here. 

To fill your brain with knowledge from the PlayBook, click here. 

To read our delightful FAQs, click here. 

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